Your home’s furnace vent is there for your protection whenever the heat is turned on. If you heat your home with natural gas, it generates several byproducts. These gases are released vertically through an older-style furnace’s chimney or vent pipe. Combusted byproducts are carried away from your home via steel or PVC pipes that exit the roof or side of your house through your furnace’s vent system. Here are some types of furnace venting systems and how they work.

Direct Vent

You will find two pipes of varying sizes in a heating system with a direct furnace vent. The air needed for combustion is brought in through one pipe, which comes from outside the house, while the gas that has been burned off is released through the other pipe. It may be set up in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This ventilation system eliminates the need for a chimney, making it more eco-friendly than other options. This kind of vent also has a more excellent safety rating than different types.

Sidewall Power Vent

Alternately referred to as an induced draft fan, a sidewall power vent is a type of ventilation fan. A fan is installed at the very end of an exhaust pipe to assist in venting the combustion gases from the furnace to the outside air. Sidewall vent systems are an alternative to gas furnaces that are both safe and inexpensive. In addition to their excellent efficiency ratings, sidewall vent systems have a good safety record.

Natural Vent

They bring air from outside the home into the combustion chamber, where it is burned. After being utilized inside the house, the air is expelled through a B-vent pipe. Natural vents are widespread since installing them is simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, natural vents are more likely to be affected by backdrafts, which negatively impact efficiency and safety.

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