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    You rely on your heater and air conditioner to keep your comfortable comfortable throughout the seasons…why not treat them to some TLC? With Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling‘s Comfort Club, you can get rewarded for giving your HVAC system the royal treatment it deserves!

    Why Join Our Comfort Club?

    Our team at Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling is passionate about your comfort, and that’s why we always recommend professional annual maintenance for your HVAC system. It’s also why we’re excited to offer our Comfort Club memberships to our valued customers! With membership, you’ll receive a wide range of perks and discounts as our reward to you for letting our experienced, NATE-certified technicians take care of your heating and cooling equipment.

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    Benefits of joining the Comfort Club include:
    • Two free annual HVAC inspection visits
    • 10% discount on repairs
    • 10% discount on IAQ products
    • Save $128/year on HVAC maintenance
    • Discounted service fees
    • Priority scheduling
    • Transerable benefits
    • Prevent HVAC repairs
    • Reduce energy costs

    Comfort Club memberships are just $150/year, and you have the option to add additional systems for $75. With our standard cost of $136, that’s a $278 value – a savings of $128 per year!

    The Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance

    Scheuling maintenance for your heating and air conditioning systems each year is a must if you want to ensure they are working as they should. Our technicians perform a detailed list of maintenance tasks that includes cleaning, inspecting, and testing your system for maximum performance and efficiency. It’s not just recommended by all reputable HVAC manufacturers and contractors – it’s actually required for most system warranties!

    After a full season of use, your heater and air conditioner deserve their annual inspection. Dust builds up, parts wear down, and things can become loose. That’s why maintenance is so important! Having your system cleaned and calibrated means that you’ll know exactly what shape it’s in for the next time the weather warms up or down. We can catch problems early on to save you money, and even help you plan for your next HVAC system in advance.

    Save Big On Maintaining Your Comfort!

    Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling is proudly family-owned and operated since 2006. We serve the Jackson County area with the highest caliber of HVAC services including inspection and maintenance. Our commitment to serving our customers and making home comfort easy and affordable is the foundation of the Comfort Club.

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    If you’d like to learn more or sign up today, please contact us now!