When you’re looking into your options for a smart thermostat in Scottsboro, AL, the team from Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling is ready to answer any of your questions. These units, which are controllable with your phone remotely, are a great option for keeping your home at the right temperature when you’re around. They can learn your daily habits and know when you’re planning on being home or not. They’ll then adjust the temperature of your house accordingly. A smart unit can turn off your heater or air conditioner when you leave and turn it back on before you come home. By ramping the temperature in your house up and down efficiently, they can use less energy to keep your home comfortable than if you were to turn a system on manually when you walk through the door. An expert can assist with any smart thermostat installation and explain the differences between various units. A new thermostat is a great way to make your residence more energy-efficient without sacrificing any comfort.