Even in the warmer climate of Scottsboro, AL, the temperatures can dip below a comfortable level, making it necessary to have a fully operational furnace in your house. However, when a furnace ages, it will be less effective at heating your home. Besides seeing a marked increase in your energy bills during the winter months, there are other ways to tell whether you need to contact us at Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling to have us determine whether to repair or replace your furnace.

Heater Makes Loud Noises While It Is Running

You should only hear a low humming sound when the heater is on. As the furnace in your Scottsboro home ages, however, its mechanical components, such as the bearings and fan, become worn. Over the years, the wear and tear from constant use can lead to loud noises like screeching and banging that simple tune-ups do not fix.

Furnace Does Not Run Long Enough to Heat the House

When the furnace starts to shut off before your Scottsboro home becomes comfortably warm, it has started to short cycle. When short cycling occurs, the constant switching off and on of the unit further wears down an old heater. Not only will your house not reach your desired temperature, but the furnace’s lifespan will dramatically decrease.

Family Members Experience Inexplicable Flu-like Symptoms

When a furnace ages, it is more likely to emit carbon monoxide gas into your Scottsboro home’s air. These emissions are especially prevalent with gas furnaces. You and your family members may experience such symptoms as headaches, nausea, and dizziness that go away when you are no longer in the house. Since carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous, contact us as soon as possible so we can perform a full inspection to see if the furnace needs replacing.

Along with new furnace installation services, Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling also provides heating and air conditioning repair services as well as smart thermostat installation. If you have any questions about your home’s HVAC system in Scottsboro, contact us at Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling.

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