While no two homes are alike when it comes to AC installation, there are still certain steps that you can expect to see when you contact Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling for your own air conditioner needs. Here’s what’s included in a standard air conditioner installation.

1. Assessing Your Current System

Before any installation work is done, our technicians will first assess your existing HVAC system and its requirements. We will measure the size of your home, examine your ductwork, and determine what you will need for your new system. Our technicians will discuss factors such as unit size, energy efficiency ratings, and the type of cooling system that best suits your home.

2. Finding the Right Location for Your Unit

Next, our technicians will work with you to find the best place for your AC unit. If you’re installing central air, this will mean finding the ideal location for your outdoor unit. This location should be away from doors, windows, and objects that might emit heat, such as grills. You’ll also need to find a place for your indoor unit, preferably in your basement where there is plenty of space for proper airflow. Our technicians can help you find appropriate places for these units.

3. Installing the Proper Ductwork

The next step will depend on the kind of ductwork you already have in your home. If you already had a central air conditioning system installed, your home should be set up for a new system. If not, you’ll have to have new ductwork installed. This is likely to be the most time-consuming and extensive part of your AC installation, but it is vital if you want central air in your home. Of course, if you opt for a ductless mini-split system that doesn’t rely on ducts, you won’t have to worry about this step.

4. Installation and Testing

Once we know where all the necessary equipment needs to go, the next step is installation. If you don’t need to install any new ducts or vents, this step should be completed in about a day. All that’s left is to test the new system to make sure that it’s working properly and give you a quick run-down on how to operate it safely.

For more information about what is involved in an AC installation or to schedule an installation in your own home, contact Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling today. We serve residents in Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas, and we’ll be happy to assist you if you need a new AC system.

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