Mini split ductless systems are easier to install in an established building than central air heating and cooling systems because they don’t require you to add any ductwork. They also can help larger homes maintain consistent heating and cooling. There are a variety of good points to mini splits, but as with any technology, they have their drawbacks. Read on for several of the top pros and cons of mini-split HVAC systems.

Pro: Improved Energy Usage

Mini split systems don’t require heated or cooled air to travel through long passages of ductwork where energy efficiency can be lost. The more efficiently the HVAC operates, the less energy it uses, which translates into reduced heating and cooling bills, fewer HVAC repairs and a longer HVAC lifespan.

Pro: Zoned Heating and Cooling Potential

Mini split ductless systems consist of one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit. The indoor unit mounts to a wall in a room or space within the home that allows it to achieve the widest distribution of heated or cooled air. In larger homes with multiple units, you can easily use them as part of a zoned heating and cooling network because each indoor unit maintains a separate temperature for the area it’s in.

Con: Increased Maintenance

The filters on mini split ductless systems tend to get dirty and clog faster than filters on traditional duct systems. As a consequence, you must change or clean the filter once a month with a ductless system, which is more frequent than filter changes on duct systems.

Con: Difficult Repairs

A lot of HVAC repairs come with simple fixes; however, mini split ductless systems usually come mounted to the wall, meaning to perform a repair, a technician must remove the entire wall-mounted unit. This may complicate repair tasks and increase the time needed to fix issues.

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