It is common for heat pumps to freeze in the winter when the temperatures go very low. Often, there is no reason to panic unless your heat pump remains covered in ice for long periods. Here are actions you can take to restore your unit to normal operation.

1. Give It Some Time

If your heat pump is new, there may be no underlying issues. If it is not running, give it about four hours to self-defrost.

2. Run the Fan

If your system has a fan, you can turn it on as blowing air can help thaw the heat pump. If the temperatures outside are very low, set the fan at the exhaust setting.

3. Access the Area Around the Heat Pump

Debris around the heat pump can obstruct airflow. The outdoor evaporator coil may fail to transfer heat and cause the system to freeze. Remove debris from around the heat pump to allow unrestricted airflow. You can also clear ice that’s built up on the unit. Do not use sharp objects as they may damage the unit. Instead, you can use a garden hose or a brush.

4. Manually Start the Defrost Cycle

Mostly, the heat pump should automatically turn on the defrost cycle, but if it doesn’t, you need to turn it on manually. The defrost cycle reverses the valve to air condition mode. The outdoor fan is turned off, and the indoor coil is turned into a condenser. The high-pressure refrigerant is warmed, and the ice melts as it circulates through the outdoor coil.

5. Move the Sensor

You can alternatively move the temperature sensor to the exterior of the heat pump. When the temperature is low, your heat pump must work longer to remove the ice. If your temperature sensor is in warmer areas, your heat pump may have shorter defrosting cycles.

If these steps do not solve the problem, or if you are in doubt, then it’s time to contact a professional. Residents in Huntsville, Scottsboro and the surrounding area can get high-quality heating and air conditioning services at Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling. We have fully certified and experienced technicians to handle your HVAC problem. Contact Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling today for high-quality services.

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