Have you noticed a decrease in the performance of your equipment, an uneven fan pattern, or an electrical buzzing sound coming from your appliance? It might be time to replace the capacitor on your air conditioner. A capacitor is a device used to store an electrical charge. Can it be replaced? AC capacitors can be replaced if you pay attention to the voltage and amperage ratings.

What Is an AC Capacitor?

An AC capacitor is an electrical device that helps reduce the frequency of voltage fluctuations by supplying or storing electric charge. They are designed to decrease the amount of energy loss during transmission and distribution and the amount of power lost when the load is changed.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Capacitor?

If your air conditioner is making a buzzing noise, the capacitor may wear out, and it’s time to replace the unit. If you notice that the temperature of your air conditioning unit is not as cold as it used to be and the fan is making a humming sound, then this could mean something is wrong with the capacitor in your unit.

When your energy bills are unreasonably high, this is a sign that your air conditioner may have a faulty capacitor. If you notice any of these signs of trouble, it’s time to consider replacing the capacitor in your unit. Detecting a burning smell from your air conditioner could also indicate that the capacitor is failing.

Can You Replace Yours?

You certainly can replace the capacitor in your air conditioner. The process is simple, but you should always check to ensure that the new capacitor is compatible with your unit and that the unit operates properly.

It is advisable to contact a certified professional to change your capacitor. This is to prevent you from damaging the unit or yourself. They have the knowledge and proper equipment to change the capacitor in your air conditioner. Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling in Huntsville and Scottsboro will help inspect and maintain your AC unit.

Capacitors wear out and need to be replaced. If you notice any signs of a bad capacitor, it is wise to invest in a new one as soon as possible. We offer heating and cooling services. Contact Batey Brothers Heating & Cooling today to learn more.

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